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April 25, 2019 Kelly Greenwood

We are living for this living room! What happens when an artist and a woodworker unite with an idea and a plan? Straight up magic happens! Lindsay Hollinger (owner of the iconic Casa Joshua Tree) recently collaborated with brilliant BFF & biz partner James Burial (furniture designer/builder) to transform a 1958 Homestead in Twentynine Palms, CA from a design disaster into an inspiring, serene space. Oh, and all of that happened in just 6 months – talk about impressive!

Their ultimate goal was to combine creative forces and tackle the entire house renovation together, which they totally nailed (and hammered, and sawed, and painted…)! They created a super chill, restful vibe in the space by filling it with inspiring design & décor perfectly complementing (yet not competing with) the expansive desert landscape surrounding the property. We chatted with Lindsay to learn a lil’ more about her process, the home, and all the juicy design deets of the project! Join us for a tour and some BTS in #thatdeserthouse.

Tell us a little about yourself & who you envisioned occupying this space when you designed it.
I am an artist & designer living (mostly) in Joshua Tree, CA. I own Casa Joshua Tree, my home and art studio that I occasionally rent on Airbnb. I was itching to design a new space in Joshua Tree, but couldn’t quite find a way to make it work on my own financially. I partnered with my buddy James Burial to invest in and renovate #thatdeserthouse, my second property which we own together. This second home was a chance to start from scratch! James makes beautiful furniture, and it was natural to use his work in the house too. I designed the space and managed the project, and he did the renovations and custom furniture pieces. We just finished renovations in March, and it’s currently a full-time Airbnb. We designed the space for relaxing and gathering. The living room is made for spending time in the chill zone—a big velvet sectional with lots of room to lounge and look out the windows onto the patio and desert beyond.

What do you do for work?
My main gig is freelance design, creative direction, and illustration for the stationery and gift industry. I’ve been expanding my creative pursuits over the years, and I also do surface pattern design, interior design, and project management. I am a creative who wears many hats, so I do a bit of everything! My biggest passion is landscape painting, but recently I’ve been saving that just for me.

Tell us a bit about this home.
Our place is a 1958 Homestead cabin in Twentynine Palms, CA. It was originally a one room cabin that was added onto over the years by the previous owners. This kind of construction is common in the high desert, often called a “built-more.” As folks expanded their weekend desert cabins through the passing decades, they built more and more! I fell in love with the big windows and stone wall when I first saw this home. It needed A LOT of work but James and I felt the house had great bones. We spent about 6 months renovating it, which sounds short but felt really endless during the process!

When people walk into your home, how do you want them to feel?
I want them to feel peaceful, relaxed, and inspired.

What do you do to bring good vibes into your home?
Having art and pieces made by friends and people we love. It was very important to us that we were able to incorporate work from local artists in Joshua Tree. Their creative spirit imbues the house with a presence that I hope everyone who visits will feel inspired by.

Do you have a favorite piece in the room?
I commissioned the paintings on the living room wall from my friend and neighbor Kat Green. She did a marvelous job capturing the feeling of the desert into color and form. It was fun to talk with her about the colors and then see it come to life.

Is there a word or phrase you would use to best describe your home/style?
Desert Eclectic. I love the spirit of the desert–its vastness and sense of time. I try to bring natural colors and textures into my spaces as much as possible to help that carry over into the interior space. I love decorating with natural elements–rocks, branches, and tumbleweeds! These are treasures I find on my rambling walks.

Is there an object in your home that has significant or sentimental value to you?
James refinished the vintage mid century chair. He spent a lot of hours with that piece and had been hoarding it in his wood shop, so it’s exciting and meaningful to us that it gets to have a new life here in this room.

What inspires you?
I am endlessly inspired by the desert, and other desert-lovers. I have been influenced in many ways by Georgia O’Keeffe and I always turn to her for inspiration in both painting and interiors. I love visiting other deserts besides Joshua Tree, and I am spending a few weeks in Santa Fe this spring. I love seeking inspiration from crafts outside my chosen mediums—I love fiber artists, ceramicists, sculptors. Visiting artists studios, or shops, and museums are my favorite way to feel refreshed!

What is your astrological sign?
Virgo! I love organizing and I looooove a good spreadsheet!

Feelin’ this style? Take a peek at Lindsay’s curated collection in the shop of jungalicious treasures for this season! Scroll on down to find out why she’s chosen each of these goodies…

  1. Summit Lumbar Pillow by Justina Blakeney® | “The fuzzy texture and simple shapes on this pillow make it perfect to decorate a side chair and bring some visual interest. Our side chair is ivory, so we needed a pop!”
  2. Terra-cotta + Jute Hanging Planter | “Terra-cotta and jute are two of my fav materials. I love that this planter has a ring that you could easily hang on a hook – makes for easy carrying to the sink for watering.”
  3. Carved Pedestal Bowl | “I love this bowl because it creates varying height for your #shelfie and brings textural interest to your storage.”
  4. Odyssey Neutral Rug | “Absolutely love the pattern and texture of this neutral rug.”
  5. Auburn Basket | “Who doesn’t love a good natural storage basket? I keep extra cozy blankets in baskets in my house.”
  6. Pyramid Soap Dish | “Functional and beautiful ceramics are MY JAM!”
  7. Constellation Coasters | “I LOVE COASTERS! It’s one thing I am always hunting for, especially with vintage furniture. You need to have cute coasters around to keep the water rings off the antiques. Love the sleek look & and the star references.”
  8. Vidriado Wall Hanging – Large | “I am obsessed with this piece! The colors are very “desert” and I love the subtle texture in the glaze on the hanging pieces, it has a “wabi-sabi” that is striking.”
  9. Bamboo Pendant | “Textured light fixtures are a great way to bring interest to a space. Love the woven bamboo and natural, breezy feeling of this piece.”
  10. Kaya Ceramic Cups by Justina Blakeney® | “These are so gorg and I am loving burnt orange for all things home right now!”
  11. Jungalow® Candle + Palo Santo Set | “The smell of Palo Santo is my favorite! I light it when I am drawing in my sketchbook. To me, it’s become synonymous with creativity.”

Ready to make moves for the desert? Get your vacay on and book a stay in #thatdeserthouse (& Casa Joshua Tree) pronto! Get ready for the relaxing, serene atmosphere that this inspiring space has to offer. Can’t get away just yet? Follow right along on Instagram for a fab fakecation and live vicariously through Lindsay’s amazing photos! Plus, follow along with James Burial on Instagram to get your fresh furniture fix. See ya in the desert, Jungalistas!

Photos by the talented Marisa Vitale.

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